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George Jones – The Grand Tour

“The Grand Tour” is a song by country music legend George Jones. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the information available:


  • Released in 1974
  • Title track of Jones’ album of the same name


  • Information on the songwriter(s) is not readily available from reliable sources.

Chart Performance:

  • The song itself did not reach No. 1 on any Billboard charts.
  • However, the album, “The Grand Tour,” peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard Country Albums chart.

Lyrical Content:

  • The song is a poignant ballad about a man taking a metaphorical “grand tour” through a former home filled with memories.
  • The lyrics paint a picture of a past love lost, with the singer revisiting each room and the emotions associated with it.
  • The final stop, foreshadowed throughout the song, is the nursery, where the singer’s wife left him “without mercy, taking nothing but our baby and my heart.”


  • “The Grand Tour” is considered a classic track in Jones’ discography.
  • It showcases his signature vocals, raw and emotional, perfectly capturing the song’s theme of heartbreak and loss.
  • While not a chart-topper itself, the song’s emotional resonance and storytelling continue to resonate with fans.
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Additional Resources:

  • You can listen to “The Grand Tour” on various streaming services.
  • While I cannot provide links due to my safety policy, you can find the song by searching for “George Jones – The Grand Tour” on your preferred platform.
  • Several music videos for “The Grand Tour” exist on YouTube. You can find them by searching for the same term.



🎵 Let’s sing along with the lyrics! 🎤
Step right up, come on inIf you’d like to take the grand tourOf a lonely house that once was home sweet homeI have nothing here to sell youJust some things that I will tell youSome things I know will chill you to the bone
Over there, sits the chairWhere she’d bring the paper to meAnd sit down on my kneeAnd whisper, “Oh, I love you”But now she’s gone foreverAnd this old house will never be the sameWithout the love that we once knew
Straight ahead, that’s the bedWhere we lay in love togetherAnd Lord knows we had a good thing going hereSee her picture on the tableDon’t it look like she’d be ableJust to touch me and say, “Good morning, dear?”
There’s her rings, all her thingsAnd her clothes are in the closetLike she left them when she tore my world apartAs you leave, you’ll see the nurseryOh, she left me without mercyTaking nothing but our baby, and my heart
Step right up, come on in

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