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“It Matters to Me” is a song by American country music artist Faith Hill. Released in November 1995 as the second single and title track from her second studio album, “It Matters to Me,” the song solidified Hill’s status as a leading female artist in country music. Written by Mark D. Sanders and Ed Hill, the song became one of Hill’s most significant early hits, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. Faith Hill was already an emerging star in country music, having achieved success with her debut album “Take Me as I Am” in 1993. “It Matters to Me” helped further her career, showcasing her ability to convey deep emotion and connect with her audience. The success of the single contributed to the album’s overall popularity, making it a commercial triumph.

Musical Style

“It Matters to Me” is a classic country ballad, characterized by its poignant lyrics and soulful delivery. The song features a traditional country music arrangement, with prominent use of acoustic guitar, piano, and gentle percussion. This instrumental setup creates a soft, reflective mood that complements the song’s introspective lyrics. Faith Hill’s vocal performance is the centerpiece of the track. Her voice carries a mix of vulnerability and strength, perfectly capturing the song’s themes of longing and the desire for understanding within a relationship. The production, overseen by Scott Hendricks and Faith Hill herself, is clean and polished, yet it maintains an authenticity that resonates with country music fans.
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The lyrics of “It Matters to Me” delve into the complexities of a romantic relationship, emphasizing the importance of communication and emotional connection. The song opens with the lines: “Baby, tell me where’d you ever learn To fight without sayin’ a word Then waltz back into my life Like it’s all gonna be alright” These lines set the stage for a narrative about a woman seeking reassurance and clarity from her partner. The chorus underscores the song’s central message: “And it matters to me Can’t you see I want to live my life The way it’s meant to be And it matters to me” Here, the protagonist expresses a longing for her feelings and needs to be acknowledged and valued. The repetition of “it matters to me” throughout the song highlights the significance of emotional honesty and mutual understanding in a relationship.

Cultural Impact

“It Matters to Me” had a substantial cultural impact, particularly within the country music community. The song resonated with many listeners who related to its themes of love, communication, and emotional vulnerability. It became a staple on country radio and was frequently performed by Hill during her concerts, further cementing its place in her repertoire. The success of the single also contributed to the broader appeal of Faith Hill as an artist. At the time of its release, country music was experiencing a surge in popularity, and Hill’s music played a key role in bringing the genre to a wider audience. Her ability to blend traditional country elements with a contemporary sensibility made her a crossover star, appealing to both country purists and new listeners alike.
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The song’s impact extended beyond the charts and radio play. It influenced other artists and songwriters within the genre, showcasing the power of heartfelt, narrative-driven songwriting. “It Matters to Me” is often cited as an example of the 1990s country music movement, which emphasized storytelling and emotional depth.


“It Matters to Me” is a defining song in Faith Hill’s early career, highlighting her vocal talent and ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level. The song’s success on the charts and its lasting impact on country music are testaments to its quality and the universal themes it addresses. Faith Hill’s performance on the track, combined with the thoughtful production and poignant lyrics, ensures that “It Matters to Me” remains a beloved song in her discography. It not only solidified her status as a leading artist in country music but also contributed to the broader landscape of the genre during the 1990s. The song continues to be celebrated for its emotional resonance and its role in shaping the trajectory of Hill’s illustrious career.
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🎡 Let’s sing along with the lyrics! 🎀
Baby tell me where’d you ever learnTo fight without sayin’ a wordThen waltz back into my lifeLike it’s all gonna be alrightDon’t you know how much it hurts
When we don’t talkWhen we don’t touchWhen it doesn’t feel like we’re even in loveIt matters to me
When I don’t know what to sayDon’t know what to doDon’t know if it really even matters to youHow can I make you seeIt matters to me
Maybe I still don’t understandThe distance between a woman and a manSo tell me how far it isAnd how you can love like this‘Cause I’m not sure I can
When we don’t talkWhen we don’t touchWhen it doesn’t feel like we’re even in loveIt matters to me
When I don’t know what to sayDon’t know what to doDon’t know if it really even matters to youHow can I make you seeIt matters to me
Whoa I don’t know what to sayDon’t know what to doDon’t know if it really even matters to youHow can I make you seeOh, it matters to meOh, it matters to meIt matters to me

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