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“Everywhere” is a country music song written by Mike Reid and Craig Wiseman. Released in July 1997, it became the second single from Tim McGraw’s album of the same name. The album, released on June 3, 1997, marked a significant moment in McGraw’s career as it was his first following his marriage to fellow country music star Faith Hill. While the song’s critical reception was mixed, it became a massive commercial success, propelling “Everywhere” to the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and solidifying McGraw’s status as a country music superstar.

Legal Controversy

Despite its commercial success, “Everywhere” was embroiled in a legal controversy. Songwriter Armando Gutierrez claimed that the song plagiarized his work, “Anytime, Anywhere, Amanda.” According to Gutierrez, he had provided a cassette tape containing the song to the same writers who penned “Everywhere” for McGraw. The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court, with details remaining confidential.

Musical Style

“Everywhere” falls within the genre of mainstream country music of the late 1990s. The song features a driving tempo with a prominent shuffle beat created by the hi-hat and drums. Acoustic guitars provide the foundation of the melody, joined by layers of electric guitars that create a fuller sound during the chorus. Steel guitar adds a signature country touch, while piano fills weave throughout the song, adding depth and texture. McGraw’s vocals are powerful and emotive, effectively conveying the deep emotions of the lyrics.

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The lyrics of “Everywhere” paint a vivid picture of a love that transcends physical location. The song opens with the narrator reflecting on his small-town upbringing and his desire to escape. However, his partner expresses a love for their hometown and a reluctance to leave. The narrator then shifts the focus, realizing that his love for his partner surpasses any geographical location: “We were born in this little town / Growin’ up I was countin’ down / Every single day / Til we made our get away / But you said, you could never see yourself / Tryin’ to make it anywhere but here / With your feet in the sand and your heart in the deep / And me, I couldn’t picture livin’ anywhere / Without you by my side.”

The chorus emphasizes the all-encompassing nature of this love: “Everywhere you look, that’s where I want to be / Nothing else matters to me / Everywhere you are, is where I’m supposed to be / And if my heart had wings, you’d be flyin’ with me.”

The second verse delves deeper into the emotional connection between the two. The narrator describes how his partner has become his home: “You’re the laughter in the sunshine / You’re the moonlight in my room / You’re the whispers in the nighttime / You’re the fire in the afternoon.”

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The final chorus reiterates the central theme, concluding with the powerful line: “Everywhere you look, that’s where I want to be / You’re my world, my everything, you’re everywhere I see.”

Cultural Impact

“Everywhere” became an instant classic in country music. The song’s relatable theme of enduring love resonated deeply with listeners, and it quickly became a popular choice for weddings and romantic occasions. The song’s success also solidified Tim McGraw’s place as a country music superstar, further establishing him as a heartthrob with a strong connection to his audience.

“Everywhere” transcended the realm of country music, achieving mainstream popularity. The song’s catchy melody and powerful vocals found fans across genres, solidifying McGraw’s crossover appeal. The song’s music video, featuring McGraw and his wife Faith Hill, further heightened the song’s romantic appeal and cemented its place in popular culture.


Tim McGraw’s “Everywhere” is more than just a love song; it’s a testament to the power of enduring love. The song’s relatable lyrics, catchy melody, and powerful vocals have secured its place as a country music classic. “Everywhere” not only propelled Tim McGraw’s career to new heights but also resonated with a broader audience, leaving a lasting impact on popular culture.

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🎵 Let’s sing along with the lyrics! 🎤 We were born in this little town Growin’ up I was countin’ down Every single day ‘Til we made our get-away But you said you could never see yourself Tryin’ to make a life anywhere else This would be your home And I was on my own But ever since you said good-bye I’ve been out here on the wind And baby you would be surprised All the places you have been I’ve seen you in… CHORUS: Albuquerque Waitin’ out a blizzard Arizona Dancin’ ‘cross the desert Watchin’ the sun set in Monterey Girl I swear just the other day you were Down in Georgia Pickin’ them peaches In Carolina Barefoot on the beaches No matter where you choose to be In my heart I’ll always see you Everywhere Now days When I’m passin’ through The conversation always turns to you I hear you’re doin’ fine Livin’ out by the county line Got a man that’s home every night a couple of kids and the kind of life That you want to lead Guess you couls say the same for me Cuz you and I Made our choices All those years ago Still I know I’ll hear your voice And see you down the road BRIDGE: Maybe in Oklahoma Drivin’ ‘cross the prairie In Dallas, Texas Isn’t that where we Always said we would Like to try Never did So maybe that’s why you’re on Every highway Just beyond the high-beams Right beside me In all of my sweet dreams No matter where you choose to be In my heart I’ll always see you In…

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