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“Coat of Many Colors” is a poignant country song performed by the iconic singer-songwriter Dolly Parton. Released in 1971 as the title track of her album of the same name, the song has become one of Parton’s most beloved and enduring compositions. Written by Parton herself, “Coat of Many Colors” tells the autobiographical story of her childhood growing up in poverty in rural Tennessee. The song recounts how Parton’s mother lovingly stitched together a coat for her out of rags, imparting lessons of love, resilience, and the importance of inner strength. With its heartfelt lyrics, gentle melody, and Parton’s emotive vocals, “Coat of Many Colors” struck a chord with audiences and quickly became a hit on the country music charts. The song’s message of finding beauty in simplicity and cherishing the love of family resonated with listeners of all ages. “Coat of Many Colors” has since become a timeless classic in the country music genre, beloved by fans and covered by numerous artists over the years. Its enduring popularity and universal themes of love, resilience, and the power of imagination continue to make it a cherished favorite among audiences around the world.
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Back through the yearsI go wonderin’ once againBack to the seasons of my youthI recall a box of rags that someone gave usAnd how my momma put the rags to useThere were rags of many colorsBut every piece was smallAnd I didn’t have a coatAnd it was way down in the fallMomma sewed the rags togetherSewin’ every piece with loveShe made my coat of many colorsThat I was so proud of
As she sewed, she told a storyFrom the Bible she had readAbout a coat of many colorsJoseph wore and then she saidPerhaps this coat will bring youGood luck and happinessAnd I just couldn’t wait to wear itAnd momma blessed it with a kiss
My coat of many colorsThat my momma made for meMade only from ragsBut I wore it so proudlyAlthough we had no moneyI was rich as I could beIn my coat of many colorsMy momma made for me
So with patches on my britchesAnd holes in both my shoesIn my coat of many colorsI hurried off to schoolJust to find the others laughingAnd making fun of meIn my coat of many colorsMy momma made for me
And oh, I couldn’t understand itFor I felt I was richAnd I told ’em of the loveMy momma sewed in every stitchAnd I told ’em all the storyMomma told me while she sewedAnd how my coat of many colorsWas worth more than all their clothes
But they didn’t understand itAnd I tried to make them seeThat one is only poorOnly if they choose to beNow I know we had no moneyBut I was rich as I could beIn my coat of many colorsMy momma made for meMade just for me

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