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“Watermelon Crawl” is a country music classic by American singer-songwriter Tracy Byrd. Released in 1994 as a single from his album No Ordinary Man, the song quickly became a summer anthem, capturing the lighthearted spirit of summertime gatherings and the playful energy of flirtation.


Byrd, known for his smooth vocals and down-home charm, had already established himself as a rising star in country music by the time “Watermelon Crawl” hit the airwaves. His previous albums, Tracy Byrd (1993) and Have You Learned How to Love Me Back (1994), achieved critical and commercial success. “Watermelon Crawl” further solidified his place within the genre and remains one of his most recognizable songs.

The song’s origins lie with songwriters Zack Turner and Buddy Brock. They crafted a catchy melody that perfectly complements the lighthearted, playful lyrics about a summer fling that blossoms at a watermelon feast.

Musical Style

“Watermelon Crawl” falls squarely within the realm of 90s country music. The era is characterized by a distinctive sound that blends traditional country elements with pop influences.

Here’s a breakdown of the song’s musical style:

  • Instrumentation: Upbeat and bouncy, featuring acoustic guitar as the backbone, accompanied by drums, electric guitar, piano, and steel guitar.
  • Tempo: The song has a medium-fast tempo, perfect for a two-step dance.
  • Melody: Catchy and memorable, with a strong emphasis on the chorus.
  • Vocals: Byrd delivers his signature smooth vocals, adding a touch of playful charm to the lyrics.

While the song retains a country core, the pop influence is evident in the polished production and catchy melody. This blend of styles broadened the song’s appeal, attracting listeners beyond the traditional country music audience.

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The lyrics of “Watermelon Crawl” paint a vivid picture of a summertime gathering, filled with laughter, good food, and flirtation. The protagonist, smitten by a beautiful girl, uses the watermelon patch as an excuse to get closer.

Here’s a closer look at the lyrical themes:

  • Summertime Fun: The song evokes a strong sense of nostalgia for summertime with references to watermelon feasts, barefoot dancing, and warm nights.
  • Flirty Encounter: The protagonist uses the “watermelon crawl” as a playful way to initiate contact with the girl he finds attractive. The playful lyrics hint at a potential summer fling blossoming.
  • Double Entendre: The watermelon crawl itself can be interpreted literally – crawling on the ground to reach a watermelon – or metaphorically, suggesting a playful dance move used for flirting. This double entendre adds a layer of humor to the song.
  • Simple Pleasures: The lyrics celebrate the simple joys of life – spending time with friends, enjoying good food and music, and the thrill of new romance.

The direct and relatable lyrics are a hallmark of Byrd’s songwriting. They capture the carefree spirit of summer and the excitement of a budding relationship, making the song easy for listeners to connect with.

Cultural Impact

“Watermelon Crawl” became a massive hit for Tracy Byrd, reaching number two on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart in 1994. The song’s catchy melody and relatable theme resonated with audiences, solidifying Byrd’s position as a country music star.

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The song’s cultural impact extends beyond the charts. “Watermelon Crawl” became synonymous with summertime fun and remains a popular choice for country music radio stations during the warmer months. It’s also a favorite for line dancing due to its upbeat tempo and easy-to-follow rhythm.

The song’s enduring popularity is a testament to its ability to capture the essence of a carefree summer fling and the simple pleasures of summertime gatherings. “Watermelon Crawl” continues to be a staple at country music concerts and karaoke nights, ensuring its place in country music history.


Tracy Byrd’s “Watermelon Crawl” is more than just a catchy summer song. It’s a cultural touchstone that evokes feelings of nostalgia, summertime fun, and the thrill of new romance. The song’s enduring popularity lies in its relatable lyrics, infectious melody, and ability to transport listeners back to a simpler time. “Watermelon Crawl” remains a testament to the power of country music to capture the essence of everyday life and celebrate its simple joys.



🎵 Let’s sing along with the lyrics! 🎤

I was drivin’ through Georgia in late JulyOn a day hot enough to make the devil sighI saw a homemade sign writtin’ in redRhine County Watermelon Festival ahead
Well, I wasn’t in a hurry, so I slowed downTook a two lane road to a one horse townThere was a party goin’ on when I got thereI heard a welcome speech from a small town mayor
He said, “We got a hundred gallons of sweet red wineMade from the biggest watermelons on the vineHelp yourself to some, but obey the lawIf you drink, don’t driveDo the watermelon crawl”
When the band started playinThe watermelon queen said“Let me show you somethin’That you ain’t never seen”She grabbed me by the arm said“Come on lets go”She dipped down, spun around, and do-si-doed
She rocked back on her heelsDropped down to her kneesCrawled across the floorThen she jumped back on her feetShe wiggled and she jiggledBeat all you ever sawSaid this is how you doThe watermelon crawl
She said, “We got a hundred gallons of sweet red wineMade from the biggest watermelons on the vineHelp yourself to some, but obey the lawIf you drink, don’t driveDo the watermelon crawl”
If you’re ever down in Georgia ’round about JulyIf you ain’t in a hurry, then you oughta stop byI can guarantee that you’re goin have a ballLearnin’ how to do the watermelon crawl
Well, we got a hundred gallons of sweet red wineMade from the biggest watermelons on the vineHelp yourself to some, but obey the lawIf you drink, don’t driveDo the watermelon crawl
Yeah, do the watermelon crawlHave fun you allYeah, do the watermelon crawl

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