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“Remind Me” is a country music duet by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. Released in May 2011, it was the third single from Paisley’s album “This Is Country Music.” The song quickly gained popularity, reaching number two on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. “Remind Me” became a fan favorite, praised for its nostalgic look at a fading relationship and the yearning for rekindled love.

Musical Style

The song blends classic country elements with subtle modern touches. A gentle melody played on acoustic guitar lays the foundation, reminiscent of traditional country ballads. The rhythm section provides a steady beat with drums and bass, keeping the song grounded but not overshadowing the vocals. A touch of steel guitar adds a signature country twang, evoking a sense of longing and nostalgia.

Both Paisley and Underwood deliver exceptional vocals. Paisley’s warm baritone conveys a sense of regret and longing, while Underwood’s clear and powerful voice adds a touch of youthful innocence and vulnerability. The harmonization between them is beautiful, creating a sense of unity and shared emotions. Overall, the musical style is both familiar and engaging, allowing the lyrics about lost love and the desire for a second chance to take center stage.


The lyrics of “Remind Me” explore the complexities of a fading relationship and the hope for rekindled love. The song dives into the nostalgia for a time when the passion was strong, contrasting it with the present state of “good not great.”

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Here are some key lines that capture the essence of the song:

  • “We didn’t care if people stared / We’d make out in a crowd somewhere” (v.1)
  • “Been so long bet you’d forget / The way I used to kiss your neck / Remind me, remind me / So on fire so in love / Way back when we couldn’t get enough” (v.2)
  • “Do you remember how it used to be / We’d turn out the lights and we didn’t just sleep / Remind me, baby, remind me” (v.4)

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a passionate past, using relatable details like public displays of affection and stolen kisses. The use of repetition in “Remind me, remind me” emphasizes the yearning to recapture the spark and excitement that once defined their love.

Cultural Impact

“Remind Me” resonated with listeners who had experienced a decline in passion within their own relationships. The song’s message of rekindling lost love and the hope for a brighter future struck a chord with many. The collaboration between Paisley and Underwood, two of country music’s biggest stars, further amplified the song’s impact.

The official music video, featuring both artists reminiscing about past love and reconnecting in the present, added a visual dimension to the song’s narrative. “Remind Me” became a popular choice for couples looking to rekindle their romance, solidifying its place as a country song about love, loss, and the enduring power of connection.

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“Remind Me” is a powerful duet by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. The song’s nostalgic melody, relatable lyrics about rekindled love, and exceptional vocals by both artists create a listening experience that is both tender and hopeful. “Remind Me” not only became a chart success but also transcended genre to resonate with anyone who has ever longed for a second chance at love. It remains a significant song in the careers of both Paisley and Underwood, a testament to the enduring power of country music to capture the complexities of love and relationships.



🎵 Let’s sing along with the lyrics! 🎤
We didn’t care if people staredWe’d make out in a crowd somewhereSomebody’d tell us to get a roomIt’s hard to believe that was me and you
Now we keep saying that we’re OKBut I don’t want to settle for good not greatI miss the way that it felt back thenI wanna feel that way again
Been so long that you’d forgetThe way I used to kiss your neckRemind me, remind meSo on fire, so in loveWay back when we couldn’t get enoughRemind me, remind me
Remember the airport dropping me offWe were kissing goodbye and we couldn’t stopI felt bad cause you missed your flightBut that meant we had one more night
Do you remember how it used to beWe’d turn out the lights and didn’t just sleepRemind me baby remind me
Oh so on fire so in loveThat look in your eyes that I miss so muchRemind me, baby remind me
I wanna feel that wayYeah I wanna hold you closeOh if you still love meDon’t just assume I know
Oh baby remind me, remind me
Do you remember the way it felt?You mean back when we couldn’t control ourselvesRemind me, yeah remind me
All those things that you used to doThat made me fall in love with youRemind me, oh baby remind me
Yeah you’d wake up in my old t-shirtAll those mornings I was late for workRemind me, oh baby remind me yeahOh baby, remind me, baby, remind me
Yeah you’d wake up in my old t-shirtOh, baby remind me

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