About The Song

“Red Solo Cup” is a humorous and catchy country song by American singer Toby Keith. Released in 2011, the song quickly became a party anthem and is known for its lighthearted and playful lyrics.

Background and Release

  • Artist: Toby Keith
  • Album: Clancy’s Tavern
  • Release Date: October 10, 2011
  • Label: Show Dog-Universal Music

Songwriters and Production

  • Written by: Brett Beavers, Jim Beavers, Brad Warren, Brett Warren
  • Produced by: Toby Keith, Mills Logan

Musical Style and Themes

“Red Solo Cup” is a mid-tempo country song with a laid-back, sing-along feel. The song features acoustic guitar and a simple, repetitive chorus that makes it easy to remember and fun to sing along to. The lyrics celebrate the iconic red Solo cup, commonly used at parties, and humorously highlight its role in various social settings. The song touches on themes of camaraderie, fun, and the simple pleasures of life.

Chart Performance

The song achieved notable success on various music charts:
  • Billboard Hot Country Songs: Reached number 9
  • Billboard Hot 100: Peaked at number 15

Impact and Legacy

“Red Solo Cup” quickly became a cultural phenomenon, widely appreciated for its humor and relatability. It became a staple at parties and social gatherings, and its popularity extended beyond traditional country music audiences. The song’s novelty and infectious chorus helped solidify its place as a modern party classic.
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Music Video

The music video for “Red Solo Cup,” directed by Michael Salomon, features Toby Keith at a lively party with numerous celebrity cameos, including Jeff Dunham, Carrot Top, Craig Ferguson, and others. The video captures the fun and festive atmosphere described in the song, with plenty of red Solo cups being used in various creative ways. The playful and humorous tone of the video complements the song perfectly.

Awards and Recognition

“Red Solo Cup” received widespread acclaim for its originality and entertainment value. It was nominated for various awards, including:
  • ACM Awards: Video of the Year


Years after its release, “Red Solo Cup” remains a popular song at parties and gatherings. Its light-hearted and fun nature has ensured its lasting appeal, making it one of Toby Keith’s most recognizable and beloved songs. The song’s celebration of a simple, everyday object transformed into a party staple has left a lasting impact on both country music and popular culture.



🎵 Let’s sing along with the lyrics! 🎤
Two, a-one, two, three
Now, red Solo cup is the best receptacleFor barbecues, tailgates, fairs, and festivalsAnd you, sir, do not have a pair of testiclesIf you prefer drinkin’ from glass
Hey, red Solo cup is cheap and disposableIn 14 years, they are decomposableAnd unlike my home, they are not foreclosableFreddy Mac can kiss my ass, whoo!
Red Solo cup (uh-huh)I fill you upLet’s have a partyLet’s have a partyI love you, red Solo cupI lift you upProceed to partyProceed to party
Now, I really love how you’re easy to stackBut I really hate how you’re easy to crack‘Cause when beer runs down in front of my backWell, that, my friends, is quite yucky (here we go now)
But I have to admit that the ladies get smittenAdmirin’ at how sharply my first name is writtenOn you with a Sharpie when I get to hittin’On them to help me get lucky
Red Solo cupI fill you upLet’s have a partyLet’s have a partyI love you, red Solo cup (what?)I lift you upProceed to party (party)Proceed to party (proceed to party)
Now, I’ve seen you in blue and I’ve seen you in yellowBut only you, red, will do for this fellow‘Cause you are the Abbot to my CostelloAnd you are the Fruit to my Loom (here we go now)
Red Solo cup, you’re more than just plasticYou’re more than amazing, you’re more than fantasticAnd believe me that I’m not the least bit sarcasticWhen I look at you and say
Red Solo cup, you’re not just a cup(No! No! No! God, no!)You’re my, you’re my friend (friend, friend) yeah (life-long)Thank you for being my friend
Red Solo cup (that’s what I’m talking about)I fill you upLet’s have a party (let’s have a party)Let’s have a party (let’s have a party)I love you, red Solo cupI lift you upProceed to partyProceed to party
Red Solo cupRed Solo (I fill you up)(Let’s have a party) let’s have a party(Let’s have a party) let’s have a partyRed Solo cup (oh, red Solo cup)I lift you upLet’s have a partyProceed to party (yeah, yeah)
ba-oh-do(Solo cup) oh-bo-do(Solo cup) ba-oh-do(Solo cup) ah-ooh-doodle-da-do(Solo cup) uh-huh (what?)(Solo cup) de-da-pa(Solo cup) du-de-da-pa

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