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“Let It Be You” is a country music ballad written by Kevin Welch and Harry Stinson. Released in July 1989, it became the second single from Ricky Skaggs’ album Kentucky Thunder. The song was a critical and commercial success, reaching number 5 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart.

Musical Style

“Let It Be You” is a classic country ballad with a strong emphasis on melody and storytelling. The song features a gentle tempo, a prominent acoustic guitar, and a pedal steel guitar that adds a touch of melancholic beauty. Skaggs’ smooth baritone vocals deliver the lyrics with sincerity and emotion. The overall sound evokes a sense of longing and hope, perfectly capturing the yearning for love expressed in the song’s message.


The lyrics of “Let It Be You” paint a vivid picture of a man searching for love. The opening verse speaks of life’s lessons and the desire to experience beauty through someone else’s eyes. The chorus is the heart of the song, with the repeated plea “Let It Be You.” The singer desires a partner to share life’s journey with, someone to wake up with and dream alongside.

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The second verse delves deeper into the emotional landscape. The singer admits his vulnerabilities, acknowledging his shortcomings and his need for someone to “mend the broken pieces” of his heart. He speaks of a love that can take him to a place “only love can take me to,” suggesting a transformative power in finding the right partner.

The bridge offers a moment of reflection. The singer ponders the possibility of love not being found, expressing the fear of being left alone. However, he quickly reaffirms his hope, stating, “But I won’t give up believing, there’s someone out there for me.” The final chorus reinforces the central theme, emphasizing the desire for a love that is all-encompassing and enduring.

Cultural Impact

“Let It Be You” resonated deeply with country music audiences. The song’s relatable theme of searching for love struck a chord with listeners, and Skaggs’ powerful vocals delivered the message with authenticity. The song’s success helped solidify Skaggs’ position as a leading country music artist and further established him as a talented vocalist and interpreter of song.

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“Let It Be You” also transcended genre boundaries. The song’s universal message of love and longing appealed to a wider audience, finding appreciation beyond the traditional country music fanbase. The song’s enduring popularity is evident in its continued presence on country radio stations and its inclusion on Skaggs’ greatest hits collections.


“Let It Be You” is a timeless country ballad that continues to touch the hearts of listeners. With its heartfelt lyrics, relatable theme, and beautiful melody, the song captures the essence of love and longing. Skaggs’ masterful performance further elevates the song, making it a classic of the genre. “Let It Be You” stands as a testament to the power of country music to connect with audiences through universal themes and genuine emotion.



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If I could find a love to treasure with this heart and with these handsI could build a strong foundation in a world of shifting sandsIf I could show just what I’ve made up it’d be surprise what I can doBut I need someone to help me let it be you
‘Cause I ain’t to find somebody who really understandsThe things that make the difference between a woman and a manYeah I bet all my best intentions will never see me throughIf I don’t find what I’m missin’ let it be you
Let it be you who wakes me in the morningLet it be you who lays down with me each nightSide by side we can dream togetherLet it come true let it be you
There are lessons in this life I can’t learn all by myselfThere’s beauty I can only see through the eyes of someone elseThere’s a place I’ve always heard of only love can take me toBut I need someone beside me let it be you
Let it be you who wakes me in the morningLet it come true let it be you

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