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“Eddie Rabbitt Every Which Way But Loose” is a song performed by Eddie Rabbitt, released in 1978 as part of the soundtrack for the movie “Every Which Way But Loose.” The film starred Clint Eastwood and was a comedy that became popular for its blend of action and humor, particularly notable for its use of country music. The song was a significant commercial success for Rabbitt, contributing to his rise in popularity within the country and crossover markets during the late 1970s.

Musical Style

The musical style of “Every Which Way But Loose” blends elements of country and rock, reflecting the film’s adventurous and energetic tone. Eddie Rabbitt’s vocals are dynamic and charismatic, complemented by a lively arrangement that features upbeat guitar riffs, rhythmic drums, and a driving bass line. The song’s production is polished yet retains a raw, spontaneous feel that captures the spirit of the movie’s protagonist, portrayed by Clint Eastwood as a free-spirited trucker and amateur bare-knuckle brawler.


The lyrics of “Every Which Way But Loose” resonate with the film’s theme of freedom and independence. The protagonist sings about living life on his own terms, embracing the unpredictability and challenges that come his way. The chorus reinforces the idea of going “every which way but loose,” a phrase that symbolizes the character’s refusal to conform to societal norms and his determination to follow his instincts.
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The verses highlight moments of adventure and rebellion, portraying the protagonist as someone who thrives on risk and excitement. The lyrics are straightforward yet infused with a sense of optimism and resilience, reflecting themes of self-discovery and personal empowerment that resonate with audiences.

Cultural Impact

The release of “Every Which Way But Loose” propelled Eddie Rabbitt further into the mainstream spotlight. The song achieved commercial success, reaching high positions on both the country music charts and the Billboard Hot 100. Its inclusion in the soundtrack of a popular film broadened its appeal beyond country music fans, attracting listeners who were drawn to its catchy melody and spirited lyrics. Moreover, the song’s association with a successful film helped solidify its cultural impact. “Every Which Way But Loose” became synonymous with the adventurous spirit depicted in the movie, earning recognition as a signature song of Eddie Rabbitt’s career. It remains a nostalgic favorite among fans of country and crossover music from the late 1970s, serving as a reminder of Rabbitt’s musical versatility and ability to capture the essence of storytelling through song.
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“Eddie Rabbitt Every Which Way But Loose” exemplifies Eddie Rabbitt’s ability to fuse country music with rock influences, creating a dynamic and memorable song that resonated with audiences in the late 1970s. Its inclusion in the soundtrack of the film “Every Which Way But Loose” contributed to its commercial success and cultural impact, cementing its status as one of Rabbitt’s most recognizable hits. The song’s spirited lyrics and energetic musical arrangement continue to evoke a sense of adventure and freedom, making it a timeless classic in Rabbitt’s repertoire and a cherished part of country music history.



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I’ve always been the kind of manWho doesn’t believe in stringsLong term obligations are just unnecessary thingsBut girl, ya got me thinkin’While I’m drinkin’ one more beerIf I’m headed for a heartacheThen why the hell am I still here?
I’m testin’ my resistanceAnd it’s wearin’ mighty thinI’ve got the feelin’ I should leaveBefore the roof caves inMy mind tells me to move alongBut my body begs me to stayAnd now I feel the need to hold you closeAnd love the night awayWhile you’re turnin’ me
Every which way but looseYou turn meEvery which way but looseInside, the fire’s burnin’ meIn my mind, you just keep turnin’ meEvery which way but looseBaby, there’s no excuseTo turn me every which way but loose
When the sun comes up in the mornin’It should find me some place newBut right this minute all I wantIs to lay here next to youThose memories still keep callin’ meFrom somewhere in my pastBetter hurry if they want me‘Cause I can feel me fadin’ fastWhile you’re turnin’ me
Every which way but looseYou turn meEvery which way but looseInside, the fire’s burnin’ meIn my mind, you just keep turnin’ meEvery which way but looseBaby, there’s no excuseTo turn me every which way but loose

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