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Smoky Mountain Rain: Ronnie Milsap’s Heartfelt Ballad

“Smoky Mountain Rain” is a popular country song recorded by Ronnie Milsap and released in 1980. It became one of his most recognizable hits and a staple of country music radio.

Songwriters and Release:

  • Written by Kye Fleming and Dennis Morgan
  • Released in September 1980 (as the first single from Milsap’s “Greatest Hits” compilation album)

Lyrics and Story:

The song tells the story of a man searching for a lost love amidst the backdrop of the Smoky Mountains. The lyrics are filled with longing and despair as the rain mirrors the man’s emotional state. He calls out her name, hoping she’ll hear him and return to his arms.

Musical Style and Genre:

  • “Smoky Mountain Rain” falls under the Country genre.
  • The song features a melancholic melody with prominent steel guitar and piano accompaniment.
  • Milsap’s smooth vocals deliver the emotional weight of the lyrics.

Impact and Legacy:

  • “Smoky Mountain Rain” reached number 24 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and became a signature song for Milsap.
  • The song resonated with listeners for its relatable themes of heartbreak and longing.
  • In 2019, Milsap released a new version of the song as a duet with American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton.
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Here are some additional resources you might find interesting:

  • Listen to the song: You can find “Smoky Mountain Rain” by Ronnie Milsap on various music streaming services or watch music videos on YouTube: YouTube: [invalid URL removed]
  • Watch the duet version with Dolly Parton: YouTube: [invalid URL removed]
  • Read more about Ronnie Milsap’s career: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronnie_Milsap



🎵 Let’s sing along with the lyrics! 🎤 I thumb my way from L.A. back to Knoxville. I found out those bright lights ain’t where I belong. From a phone booth in the rain I called to tell her, I’ve had a change of dreams I’m coming home. But the tears filled my eyes when I found out she was gone. Smoky Mountain rain keeps on falling, I’ll keep on calling her name. Smoky Mountain rain, I’ll keep on searching, I can’t go on hurting this way. She’s somewhere in this Smoky Mountain rain. I can’t blame her for letting go, a woman needs someone warm to hold. Feel the rain running down my face, I’ll find her no matter what it takes.
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[repeat chorus] I waved a diesel down outside a cafe, said he was going as far as Gatlinburg. I climbed in the cab all wet and cold and lonely. I wiped my eyes and told him about her. I’ve got to find her, Can you make these big wheels burn. smoky Mountain rain keeps on falling I’ll keep on calling her name. Smoky Mountain rain, I’ll keep on searching I can’t go on hurting this way. She’s somewhere in the Smoky Mountain rain.

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