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“Settin’ the Woods on Fire” is a classic country song by Hank Williams, one of the most influential figures in American country music. Released in September 1952, it became one of his many hits, showcasing his distinctive blend of honky-tonk and traditional country. The song was written by Ed G. Nelson and Fred Rose, with Rose being a key figure in Williams’ career as his publisher and frequent collaborator. This track is a testament to Williams’ ability to capture the spirit of fun and revelry that characterized much of his music, even amid personal struggles.

Hank Williams, born Hiram King Williams in 1923, is often hailed as a pioneer in the country music genre. His career, though tragically cut short by his death at age 29, was marked by numerous hits that have since become timeless classics. “Settin’ the Woods on Fire” was part of Williams’ prolific output during his short but impactful career, contributing to his legacy as a country music legend.

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Musical Style

Musically, “Settin’ the Woods on Fire” embodies the energetic and upbeat style that was characteristic of Williams’ more lively tracks. The song is built around a driving rhythm and lively instrumentation, featuring prominent fiddle, steel guitar, and piano elements. This combination creates a buoyant, danceable track that stands in contrast to some of Williams’ more somber ballads.

The honky-tonk style of the song is evident in its brisk tempo and infectious melody. Williams’ vocal delivery is spirited and full of character, effectively conveying the playful and celebratory nature of the lyrics. The production of the song, like many of Williams’ recordings, is straightforward and emphasizes the raw, authentic sound of traditional country music. This approach helps to capture the energy and spontaneity of a live performance, making the listener feel as if they are part of the festivities described in the song.


The lyrics of “Settin’ the Woods on Fire” celebrate the joys of cutting loose and having a good time. The song tells the story of a night out filled with dancing, drinking, and merriment.

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Comb your hair and paint and powderYou act proud and I’ll act prouderYou sing loud and I’ll sing louderTonight we’re settin’ the woods on fireYou’re my gal and I’m your fellerDress up in your frock and yellerI’ll look swell but you’ll look swellerSettin’ the woods on fire
We’ll take in all the honky-tonks tonight we’re having funWe’ll show the folks a brand new dance that never has been done
I don’t care who thinks we’re sillyYou’ll be daffy I’ll be dillyWe’ll order up two bowls of chiliSettin’ the woods on fire
I’ll gas up my hot-rod stokerWe’ll get hotter than a pokerYou’ll be broke but I’ll be brokerTonight we’re settin’ the woods on fire
We’ll sit close to one anotherUp one street and down the otherTonight we’ll have ball, oh brotherSettin’ the woods on fire
We’ll put aside a little time to fix a flat or twoMy tires and tubes are doin’ fine but the air is showin’ through
You clap hands and I’ll start bowin’We’ll do all the law’s allowin’Tomorrow I’ll be right back plowin’Settin’ the woods on fire

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