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“Old Dogs, Children, and Watermelon Wine” is a poignant country song written and performed by Tom T. Hall. Released in 1972 as the title track of his album of the same name, the song reflects on life’s experiences and lessons learned through encounters with old dogs, children, and a conversation with a stranger over watermelon wine. The lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia and wisdom as the narrator shares various anecdotes and reflections on the passage of time, the simplicity of life, and the value of human connection. The song’s gentle melody and Hall’s storytelling style contribute to its enduring popularity and reputation as one of his most memorable compositions.



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“How old do you think I am?”, he saidI said, “Well, I didn’t know”He said, “I turned 65 about 11 months ago”
I was sittin’ in Miami pourin’ blended whiskey downWhen this old gray Black gentleman was cleanin’ up the loungeThere wasn’t anyone around ‘cept this old man and meThe guy who ran the bar was watchin’ “Ironsides” on TVUninvited, he sat down and opened up his mindOn old dogs and children, and watermelon wine
“Ever had a drink of watermelon wine?”, he askedHe told me all about it, though I didn’t answer back“Ain’t but three things in this world that’s worth a solitary dimeBut old dogs and children, and watermelon wine”
He said, “Women think about they-selves, when menfolk ain’t aroundAnd friends are hard to find when they discover that you’re down”He said, “I tried it all when I was young and in my natural primeNow it’s old dogs and children and watermelon wine”
“Old dogs care about you even when you make mistakesGod bless little children while they’re still too young to hate”When he moved away, I found my pen and copied down that line‘Bout old dogs and children, and watermelon wine
I had to catch a plane up to Atlanta that next dayAs I left for my room, I saw him pickin’ up my changeThat night I dreamed in peaceful sleep of shady summertimeOf old dogs and children and watermelon wine
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