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“Crying My Heart Out Over You” is a song performed by Ricky Skaggs, released in 1981 as part of his album “Waitin’ for the Sun to Shine.” The track became one of Skaggs’ most successful singles, marking his rise to prominence in the country music scene during the early 1980s. Ricky Skaggs, known for his mastery of bluegrass and traditional country music, showcased his distinctive blend of virtuosic instrumentation and heartfelt vocals on this track.

Musical Style

“Crying My Heart Out Over You” is characterized by its traditional country and bluegrass style, featuring lively instrumentation and tight vocal harmonies. The song prominently features Ricky Skaggs’ signature mandolin playing, accompanied by acoustic guitars, fiddle, and a steady rhythm section. The arrangement is upbeat and energetic, reflecting the song’s theme of heartbreak and emotional turmoil. Skaggs’ vocals are soulful and expressive, delivering the poignant lyrics with sincerity and authenticity. The production maintains a classic country sound, capturing the essence of bluegrass influences while appealing to a mainstream audience with its catchy melody and relatable lyrics.
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The lyrics of “Crying My Heart Out Over You” depict the anguish and sorrow of a broken heart. The protagonist laments the end of a relationship, expressing deep emotional pain and regret. The chorus emphasizes the recurring theme of heartbreak, with the protagonist confessing, “I’m just crying my heart out over you.” The verses delve into moments of reflection and longing, portraying a narrative of lost love and emotional vulnerability. Skaggs’ delivery imbues the lyrics with poignancy and depth, resonating with listeners who have experienced similar feelings of heartache and longing. The song’s heartfelt portrayal of raw emotion and personal struggle adds to its appeal, making it a memorable and emotionally resonant ballad in country music.

Cultural Impact

Upon its release, “Crying My Heart Out Over You” became a critical and commercial success for Ricky Skaggs, reaching high positions on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and earning accolades for its musical craftsmanship and emotional depth. The song solidified Skaggs’ reputation as a versatile artist capable of blending bluegrass roots with mainstream country sensibilities.
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Beyond its chart success, “Crying My Heart Out Over You” remains a fan favorite and a staple in Ricky Skaggs’ live performances. Its timeless appeal and universal theme of heartbreak have contributed to its enduring popularity, ensuring its place as a classic in the annals of country music history.


“Crying My Heart Out Over You” by Ricky Skaggs exemplifies his mastery of traditional country and bluegrass music, showcasing his virtuosic talent and heartfelt vocals. With its lively instrumentation, poignant lyrics, and Skaggs’ soulful delivery, the song resonated with audiences upon its release and continues to be celebrated as a classic in country music. Its portrayal of emotional vulnerability and heartbreak ensures its enduring appeal, solidifying Ricky Skaggs’ legacy as a respected and influential artist in the genre’s history.



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Off somewhere the music’s playing soft and low.And another holds the one that I love so.I was blind I could not seeThat you meant the world to meBut like a fool I stood and watched you go.
Now, I’m crying my heart out over you.Those blue eyes now they smile at someone new.Ever since you went awayI die a little more each day‘Cause I’m crying my heart out over you.
Each night I climb the stairs up to my room.It seems I hear you whisper in the gloom.I miss your picture on the wallAnd your footsteps in the hallWhile I’m crying my heart out over you.
Now, I’m crying my heart out over you.Those blue eyes now they smile at someone new.Ever since you went awayI die a little more each day‘Cause I’m crying my heart out over you

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