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You’ve got it! “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” is a signature song by country music legend Waylon Jennings. Here’s a deeper dive into this classic:

Origin and Release:

  • Written and recorded by Waylon Jennings himself.
  • Released in August 1975, it became the lead single for his album “Dreaming My Dreams.”

Genre: Outlaw Country

Lyrics and Significance:

  • The song tackles the struggle between tradition and innovation in country music.
  • The lyrics question if success requires following the established path of country giants like Hank Williams (“It’s been the same way for years, Rhinestone suits and new shiny cars”) or forging your own identity (“I don’t think I ain’t done it this way, Did old Hank really do it this way?”).
  • It reflects the changing landscape of country music in the 1970s, where artists like Jennings challenged the norms by incorporating elements of rock and roll. Essentially, it’s a call for artistic freedom and individuality.
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Impact and Legacy:

  • “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” is a cornerstone of outlaw country music.
  • It cemented Jennings’ position as a voice for those who felt mainstream country was straying from its roots.
  • The song remains relevant today, resonating with fans who appreciate individuality and pushing boundaries.

Beyond the Basics:

  • The song showcases Jennings’ signature sound – a blend of country and rock with a driving rhythm section and his unmistakable vocals.
  • The title itself became a catchphrase for artists who challenge conventions and forge their own unique paths.

Looking for the song? You can find “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” on most streaming platforms.

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🎵 Let’s sing along with the lyrics! 🎤
Bob Wills Is Still the King (Live)Here’s a song I wrote on a planeBetween Dallas and Austin goin’ to El Paso, whoops.Now this is what gave us the idea to come down here,This is a song about a guy that probably did as muchFor our kind of music as anybody.
Well, the Honky Tonks in TexasWere my natural second homeThe way you tip your hat to the ladiesIn the rose of San Antone.
I grew up on musicThat we call western swingIt don’t matter whose in AustinBob Wills is still the king.
Lawd, I can still rememberThe way things were back thenIn spite of all the hard timesI’d live it all again.
To hear the Texas PlayboysAnd Tommy Duncan singMakes me proud to be from TexasWhere Bob Wills is still the king.
You can hear the Grand Ol OpryIn Nashville, TennesseeIt’s the home of country musicOn that we all agree.
But when you cross that ol’ Red River hossThat just don’t mean a thingOnce youre down in TexasBob Wills is still the king.
If you aint never been thereThen I guess you ain’t been toldThat you just can’t live in TexasUnless you got alot of soul.
It’s the home of Willie NelsonThe home of western swingHe’ll be the first to tell youBob Wills is still the king…

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