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“Long Haired Country Boy” is a signature song by the Charlie Daniels Band, released in 1975 as part of their album Fire on the Mountain. The song quickly became an anthem for Southern rock, a genre that blended elements of country music, blues, and rock and roll.

Charlie Daniels himself wrote the song. Daniels, a North Carolina native, had already established himself as a successful session musician in Nashville before forming his own band in the early 1970s. The band’s sound defied easy categorization, drawing heavily on their Southern roots while incorporating elements of rock and blues.

“Long Haired Country Boy” arrived at a time when the lines between country and rock were blurring. Southern rock bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers Band were finding mainstream success, and audiences were embracing a sound that resonated with their working-class experiences.

Musical Style

The song opens with a searing fiddle intro by Daniels himself, a clear nod to the band’s country roots. However, the electric guitar quickly takes center stage, laying down a driving rock beat. The rhythm section provides a solid foundation, and the overall sound is energetic and full-bodied.

Daniels’ vocals are a key element of the song’s style. He delivers the lyrics with a gruff sincerity, conveying the protagonist’s defiance and pride. The song also features a memorable call-and-response section, where the band encourages the audience to sing along with the line “We’re the long haired country boys.”

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The lyrics of “Long Haired Country Boy” are a celebration of Southern identity and working-class pride. The protagonist, a young man with long hair (a symbol that was often seen as rebellious in the 1970s), is proud of his rural upbringing and his blue-collar roots. He rejects stereotypes and embraces his love for country music, fast cars, and wide-open spaces.

The song also has a strong element of defiance. The protagonist feels misunderstood by outsiders who judge him based on his appearance. He sings about being looked down upon by “city folks” who don’t understand his way of life. The lyrics celebrate self-reliance and a strong work ethic, themes that resonated with many working-class listeners.

Here are some key lines from the song:

  • “I was born a country boy, raised on cornbread and greens”
  • “We ain’t never fancy, but we know how to work hard”
  • “They call us long haired rednecks, but we don’t care a bit”
  • “We’re the long haired country boys, we’re proud of what we are”

Cultural Impact

“Long Haired Country Boy” became a defining song for Southern rock. It captured the rebellious spirit and working-class pride of the genre, and it helped to solidify the Charlie Daniels Band as one of the leading Southern rock acts of the 1970s.

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The song’s impact extended beyond Southern rock. It resonated with blue-collar audiences across the country, becoming an anthem for those who felt overlooked or misunderstood by mainstream culture. The song’s themes of self-reliance and defiance continue to resonate with listeners today.

“Long Haired Country Boy” has also been embraced by NASCAR culture. The song is often played at races, and it has become associated with the sport’s blue-collar roots. Charlie Daniels himself performed the song several times at the Daytona 500, further solidifying its connection to NASCAR.


“Long Haired Country Boy” is more than just a song; it’s a cultural touchstone. The song captures the essence of Southern rock and celebrates the pride and resilience of working-class America. With its catchy melody, powerful lyrics, and driving rock sound, “Long Haired Country Boy” remains a beloved classic that continues to resonate with audiences today.



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people say i’m no good crazy as a looncause i get stoned in the mornin’i get drunk in the afternoonkinda like my old blue tick hound i like to lay around in the shadeand i ain’t got no money but i damn sure got it madecause i ain’t askin nobody for nothingif i can’t get it on my ownif you don’t like the way i’m livinyou just leave this long haired country boy alonepreacher man on the tv puttin down the rock and roll,wants me to send a donation cuzz hes worried about my soulhe said Jesus walked on the water, and i know that its truebut sometimes i think that preacher man would like 2 do a little walkin tocuzz i aint askin nobody for nothinif i cant get it on my ownif you dont like the way im livinyou just leave this long haired country boy alonea poor girl wants to marryand a rich girl wants to flirta rich man goes to collegeand a poor man goes to worka drunkard wants another drink of wineand a polictian wants your votei don’t want much of nothing at all but i will take another tokecause i ain’t askin nobody for nothingif i can’t get it on my ownif you don’t like the way i’m livinyou just leave this long haired country boy alone

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